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About Us

What happens when an Italian and a South Korean who love to eat get married? Well, in our case, a gelato shop that makes Italian and Asian flavours is born. 

New to the gelato industry, Gisella borrows from her Italian heritage and inspiration from her husband’s Asian culture, to bring new and exciting gelato flavours to her customers. Justin, who was trained by his sister-in-law, who is an award winning artisan gelato maker, he makes the gelato and manages the production, ensuring that quality is never compromised.

Our Products

We make gelato not ice cream.

The main differences between these two treats are fat and air. Gelato is made with more milk than cream, so gelato has less fat than ice cream. By definition, gelato has about 4% - 8% fat, where as ice cream has 10% - 18% fat. Second, gelato has less air than ice cream. Overrun is the amount of air whipped into the product. For gelato, the overrun is typically between 30% - 35%, where as for ice cream, the overrun is typically 50% - 60% and can be as high as 100%. Since gelato has less air, this results in a denser texture and more intense flavour.

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